Who Invented This?

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Who invented the car? Who first imagined the light bulb? Who is Marie Curie? And why did she win two Nobel Prizes? The things that surround us didn’t just appear out of nowhere, they were conceived by talented inventors, scientists, and engineers. While some creations were the result of team-work and several failed attempts in a lab, others happened by accident.

Who Invented This? is a visual journey that shows children how classic inventions and creators paved the way for the modern tools and technology we have today. Did you know that Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press opened up new worlds for large numbers of people or that the very first newspaper was printed in Strasbourg as early as 1605? Did you also know that Levi Strauss, the German-American businessman who first created jeans, is said never to have worn them himself?

Who Invented This? is a fascinating trip back through history that shows how now famous scientists and inventors as well as lesser known, but no less creative minds have turned their ideas into great inventions. How they seized opportunities, had faith in their ideas, and the courage to try something new.

Making her debut in children’s literature, Anne Ameri-Siemens is using decades worth of experience as an author and journalist to tell a whimsical story about human development and the world around us. After working for Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, she became a Spiegel bestseller in 2007 for her book For the RAF it was the system, for me the father. She was also a former awardee of the Corine International Book Prize and Grimme Prize. 

Becky Thorns is the talented illustrator behind our Little Gestalten title World of Whales. She specializes in children’s illustration and literary-themed works, alongside also being a lettering artist. After graduating from Falmouth University with a Fine Art degree in 2015, she has over six years of experience in creative industries, ranging from illustration to architecture, and has recently been featured on the cover of My Cornwall Magazine.


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