Swimmer Sandals, Claret

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The Sun-San Swimmer is based on the iconic Salt-Water Original sandal featuring a woven leather upper and adjusable ankle strap. All Sun-San Sandals are made from 100% waterproof leather and are a spongy soft sole sandal - great for moulding to growing feet. All children sizes are made with a velcro fastening under a faux buckle across the ankle strap for day to day ease. They can also be handwashed with a gentle detergent. The claret Swimmer is a classic summer shoe, great for both little boys and girls.

Also available in adult sizes. 

The Swimmer features a plaited leather toe with buckled ankle strap. Fits narrower than the Salt-Water Original, and as the front is non-adjustable, not the best for very narrow or wide feet.

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    • Hand wash using a mild detergent. 
    • Salt-Water Sandals is a US classic brand, dating back to the 40's. The design is simple, clean, the colors are beautiful and the leather is of the highest quality. Some of their signature models are water friendly, making them the perfect sandals for the hot season.


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