Classic Sandals, Adults, Gold

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The Salt-Water Classic is the ideal summer shoe to take you from office to party, poolside to bar, school run to coffee catch up. This style offers adjustable front & back straps with elegant cut-out vents on the front strap. In the metallic gold finish there is a pleasing contrast between the nostalgic sandal design and on trend colourway. As with all sandals in the Salt-Water range it has water shoe properties including waterproof leather, rust proof buckles and vulcanised rubber sole.

The Classic is fully adjustable with buckled toe and ankle straps. It has a naturally narrower fit than the Original but can be fully adjusted across the foot for a wider fit. As with all sandals in the Salt-Water range we suggest that your toes sit behind the stitch line. 

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  • Salt-Water Sandals este un brand cu tradiție din SUA, datând din anii 40. Designul este simplu, curat, culorile superbe și pielea de cea mai bună calitate. Unele dintre modelele lor signature sunt cele water friendly, devenind astfel sandalele perfecte pentru sezonul cald.


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