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AMAZONAS is a moment of purely feminine indulgence.

Its refined energy and exotic touches bring the senses and balancing of the feminine side to the forefront. The aromatherapy featuring palmarosa, copaiba, sage and coriander re-balances the mind, purifies emotions and brings peace to the soul. Rosewood and patchouli aromatic bases open the heart to love and life. Carefully selected vegetable oils are cold-pressed, helping to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin. This oil features exotic, warm green and sensual aromatherapy notes. It's an ideal product for the dry or highly-absorbing skin. 

HOW TO APPLY:  on the slightly damp skin, after a shower or bath, by gently massaging the skin until the oil is fully absorbed.

INGREDIENTS: cold-pressed apricot oil*, cold-pressed grapeseed oil*, cold-pressed almond oil*, unrefined coconut oil*, cold-pressed olive oil*, aromatherapy of palmarosa*, sage*, copaiba*, rosewood*, patchouli*, coriander* and bergamot essential oils, vitamin E.  

*certified organic ingredients

SIZE: 100ml. 


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